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What we do

We are governance professionals providing a holistic approach to managing information security and building effective boards.  We are guided by internationally accepted best practices in document destruction, privacy protection and corporate governance.


Training and educating your people to be the first defense against information theft.


Helping you to develop governance policies that will improve board performance.


Working with you to create and document privacy programs and procedures.


Providing data protection and board services to facilitate effective governance.

Why choose ShredWIZ for your Shredding Services?



Our team of knowledgeable and customer friendly information governance professionals provides you with the best in class support to guide you in the efficient and effective disposal of paper, documents and records.

  • Police checked and vetted handlers
  • Vetted Collection Agents
  • Expertise in risk management, corporate governance & corporate data protection


Our “No See – No Touch” process quickly, safely and securely destroys your discarded records.

  • No individual handling of records
  • Restricted access to confidential customer information
  • Securely contained media during storage, transport and destruction
  • Certificate of destruction validating your information management compliance


We use cutting edge commercial grade shredding technology within an enclosed, securable truck.

  • Small shred sizes
  • Tear & pierce technology makes it impossible to reassemble shreds

Bye bye jammed in-house shredders, messy and noisy shredding operations, and bulky and unsightly stashes of shredded paper awaiting disposal!

ShredWIZ is here!

Who we are

A. Cecile Watson

A. Cecile Watson

From the world of C-suite leadership and the boardrooms of private financial institutions and government entities to helping women entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses! A former banker, celebrated for her expertise in customer service, corporate governance and strategy!   That’s the story of founder, A. Cecile Watson.

ShredWIZ started with an idea. In this case it was not a miraculous spark of genius that came with the insight that the world was about to see something it had never seen before.   Instead, Cecile was intentionally on the look out to identify a business that would be scalable and would address a market need that was untapped.   So when she stumbled upon the document destruction industry, all the lights went off in her head screaming: “This is it! This is it!”

ShredWIZ was registered in May 2017 to satisfy the urgent need for companies to up level their defense against growing threats that seek to steal information by exploiting the vulnerabilities in their operations. As an experienced risk manager, Cecile is at home in this space.   After a year of intensive research, making industry connections,  building the business concept and designing the brand, ShredWIZ opened its doors to business on May 01, 2018.

Fundamentally our business is about privacy protection and we equip CEO’s with holistic solutions that undergird their efforts to mitigate the risks of financial losses and reputational damage due to information breaches. We know that being able to confidently demonstrate to customers, employees and shareholders that the company is engaged in building privacy programs with them in mind, will no doubt add to their peace of mind.

Beyond shredding, ShredWIZ is positioning to raise the bar on how Jamaica disposes of private and privileged information. Ultimately we aspire to become the leading Caribbean-based authority on information security and privacy rights.

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